Prayer Works!

   It is so amazing to me when prayers really work.  More specifically, it is amazing to me when I am silent enough that I can follow God’s prompting, and only see later how I was blindly following a plan that God could see.
    Yesterday I had a silent day.  Ron took all the kids out except for Sebastian, and I kept him here.  He slept much of the day.  So, I had hours and hours to think, pray, clean, organize, go through stacks of papers, etc.  It was so enjoyable that I could do all that, and not have kids talking to me at the same time.  I LOVE getting to do only one thing at a time.
    Well, I had a moment of just pure silence.  I was just still and quiet.  I was wondering how to make a decision about whether or not to go on a retreat in Louisiana this weekend.  I had already asked one of my good friends in Louisiana if she was going, and she was not.  So that, to my mind, was out of the question.   But as I thought through the travel issues with the baby, I realized i would need to bring Mary.  Then I thought, “Oh, if only my friend could come and bring her daughter!”  They are long lost friends, not having seen each other for three years.  So I went out on a limb and asked my friend again, and whether she could bring her daughter, and she said yes!  That she and just one of her children could come is completely unexpected–she has two others to think about.  So, the chances of my thinking of it, plus her ability to do it, were slim to none.
    This solution is an answer to prayer for my friend, her daughter, my daughter, and me.  God is making something beautiful happen here!  I am so grateful to Ron that I had the chance to be silent, so I could follow God’s lead!