practicing and preaching

      Our whole family is on its way to Milwaulkee so that Ron and I can present A New Way to Love for Catholic Couples to the conference the Bishops have chosen to launch the marriage initiative of the USCCB.
     The astounding thing to me is that yesterday, Ron’s only day home in a long time, we had a very hard day.  Lots of problems to iron out, and we were both quite upset with each other.
     But we spent several hours tenaciously clinging to the Dialogue process, and we never fought.  We just mirrored, validated and empathized over and over until we were through it.
     There was plenty to fight about, but we never fought.  We spoke kindly, and anything the kids heard was fine for them to hear, because there was nothing said that was not loving.
     To be on the other side of the problem, all back to a happy, unified place, as we pack our bags and ready ourselves for the flight–I am awestruck with the joy of practicing what we are preaching.  It is a cause of joy that Ron and I are reconciled, and another cause of more joy that our marriage is concordant with what we are about to say through the microphone!