Pilgrimage on the Appian Way

    We had a pilgrimage on the Appian Way yesterday.  It was the feast of Corpus Christi.

Aquaducts from ancient Rome still stand.

The Appian Way is lined with poppies–just glorious.

   I told the kids: for every mile you walk without a single complaint, you get one scoop of gelato.  They each earned 6 scoops! 🙂

    Clare had done a homeschool project on Peter and Paul in Rome, which included a discussion of Peter and Paul on the Appian Way.  After our 6 mile walk, we sat under trees in an olive grove, ate our lunches, and she read her presentation to the college group.  It was as lovely, I think for them, as it was for Clare!  Historic.

    Then we toured the Catacombs.  We had Mass in a tiny chapel in the underground caverns.  We love Fr. Thomas and Brother John, our beloved Cistercians!!  They wanted scoops for every mile too, 🙂  and so they cashed in with our kids when we went for gelato in Gandolfo that evening.

So unbelievable to get to have days like this!!