This is the kind of peace toward which I am constantly striving:
        “The Lord speaks of peace, of Shalom. . .  It is God’s greatest gift and deepest desire for humanity, for it means flourishing and fulfillment at all levels of our existence.
        “But Jesus promises. . . a peace that the world cannot give.  Jesus’ peace is not the comfort that comes from material wealth or good physical health or the companionship of friends, or even the intimacy of family life.  It is the Shalom of the Holy Spirit, the love that from all eternity connects the Father and the Son. . . Jesus breathed this Spirit on his disciples and then invited them to share it with everyone.  And such has been the mission of the Church for the past two millennia: to be an agent and instrument of the peace that the world cannot give.”  (Fr. Robert Barron)

     Peace when I am miserable.
     Peace when I am falsely accused.
     Peace when I am wronged.
     Peace when I am tired, hungry, sick, or hurting.
     Peace when I am without some seemingly essential thing.

The Holy Spirit brings this peace.  It is the peace of St. Francis of Assisi.  It is the peace of Mary the Mother of God.  It is the peace of Padre Pio, Phillip Neri, Therese, Alphonsus of Liguori, Catherines of Alexandria, Siena, and Laboure.  These men and women are my teachers and friends, who are helping me in this, my most fundamental desire: to draw into the peace of the Holy Spirit.  Come Holy Spirit, Come!