Pandemi-cation Day 3

     Day 3 of our pandemic-cation was a musical day extraordinaire. Ron took out his classical guitar and filled the house with beautiful music. It was more contagious than any virus–Sebastian grabbed his toy guitar and played and sang songs all day. Annie begged to play Ron’s guitar. Then later in the afternoon, Ron took Jacob out and bought him a classical guitar–an early graduation gift. Jacob had played as a child through middle school and then set down his guitar when he entered Cistercian because his academics and sports were too demanding. But his teacher had told him, “You are always the best prepared student I have ever had.” He was so faithful in practicing and loved the songs in his repertoire. So, in his last few months of high school and in college where he will likely have time to play, Ron got Jake back on it. The guitar is beautiful and I am grateful that Jacob will be carrying on the Rombs classical guitar tradition.
     I made NY style pasta sauce and we had a lovely dinner. The kids watched Shazam late into the night. I had the best day reading Michele Schumacher’s Women in Christ: Toward a New Feminism. I read half of the 300-page book yesterday. I started at 8 am and got to page 150 as I fell asleep. I am grateful for a peaceful, happy day and I love our home.