Palm Sunday

     Of the two hours of Palm Sunday liturgy today, the thing that struck me the most poignantly, AGAIN, as it always does, was that Jesus did not defend himself.  He did not resist his arrest, he did not explain himself to Pilate, he did not fight the soldiers.  He accepted the wrongful claims, accusations, beatings, torture and death, and instead of “clearing up” the misunderstandings, he went to the cross “as a lamb to the slaughter.”  That was Jesus’ answer to power, to justice, to human dignity.  It takes supreme strength, intense inner poise, to suffer well.
     As our priest preached so well today: when we arrive at heaven’s door, we will not be asked, “How good were you?  What did you accomplish?”  But instead, we will be instructed: “Show me your scars.”  To suffer well, to suffer in union with Christ, which can only be done with the saving grace of conversion aiding us, is what is needed to enter eternal life.
     God, give us faith!  Let us be Christians, true followers of Christ!
     God, give us the ability to live out the Passion and Death, so that we can share in the Resurrection!