Overjoyed to Homeschool

   After three years of teaching philosophy in the university, caring for a new child, and beginning a Catholic mothers’ ministry, I am returning to homeschooling.  I am OVERJOYED.
    Why am I doing this?  Have I lost my mind?  My 17-year-old son is receiving an outstanding education in an all-male Catholic school.  But there is no comparable school (that is both faithfully Catholic and an honors school) for young women.  After several years of my daughters being in a private school that emphasizes faith formation but is neither an honors school nor has an honors track, I pitched it to my young ladies: “Let’s homeschool.  I’ll help you have an honors level education.”  After a little consideration of pros and cons, they jumped at it.
    I have gotten all of the same textbooks that my son’s schools uses, plus the teachers’ editions.  I have designed a curriculum for each daughter, emphasizing their needs and aspirations.  Am I in over my head? Absolutely.  But is the grace of God sufficient?  Always.
    As for teaching in the university, I am sure I will have chances to do that in the future.  But these years with my children at home are precious and priceless, and I will never get them back.  I am determined not to miss these years.
    As for my baby, he is now 4-years-old, and integrating into our homeschool.  After just one week, he already loves his binder, his building tools, his alphabet puzzle, and his stickers.  He usually comes to the homeschool table dressed as a superhero (which is what he is, after all).  
    As for my ministry, it is continuing to grow and thrive.
   As for my being overjoyed–I thank God for this opportunity, for my beautiful children whom I cherish more than words can say, and count on the Lord in daily prayer and Bible reading to be our Vine, our Teacher, and the Bread of Life of our year together.