Our Scent Garden

     There’s nothing I love quite so much. . . as new plants for my garden!

     I am planting a “scent” garden for Clare, who has a supersonic sense of smell, and for whom lovely scents are as good as therapy!  Today we planted 6 French Lavender, 2 mint, 3 eucalyptus.  Then I planted some new basil and oregano, as well as some flowers for our front walkway–lantana and “firecrackers”–not really sure what these orange blooming plants are, but they’re pretty!
      I look forward to sending Clare out on days in which school was hard and she is miserable, and telling her, “Go harvest the mint, please.”  She will come back inside, so happy!  Mint grows like crazy.  So she can just whack away at it, and never hurt it, never deplete it.  I love it!