Our New Dog!

     I love our new dog!  I was so longing for a dog, and we picked the perfect one!  She is a Brittany, and she is very, very sweet!  She is perhaps the runt of the litter, and very docile.  But her breed is energetic, so I am thinking that will be the perfect combo for our family.
    Her name is Franny.
    We love St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.  And Rosie, our family dog of 12 years, passed away on the feast day of St. Francis.  So in a way, it is a sign of our love for her.  There is, additionally, a woman close to my mom and her siblings, from many years ago who was very, very special to them.  I did not know her, but am grateful to her for all she did for my mom, aunts and uncle.  So, Franny is the perfect name!
    The kids are raising this pup. feeding her, taking her out.  I have had to do SO LITTLE.  She is just adorable.  She jumps around, plays with all of us.  She is just a dream.
    Poor thing, though.  In her 48 hours in our home, she has been subjected to cymbals, piano lessons, Annie insisting on calling her “Lily Star,” and even falling into the pool once (yikes!)!  For all our efforts, it is just no small thing to be initiated into this household!  It is like hazing. 🙂
    Well, welcome, Franny!