Our Homeschool

   Each morning we begin with a few comments, then prayer and Bible reading.  This morning, I told my young ladies: “I am motivated this for this week to be substantial for us all.  My end goal for you is to be able to achieve your fullest happiness, that is, your most significant way of being a gift for others.  Very few people find their highest purpose in life.  I am doing my utmost that you each fulfill your God-given potential.   Hence our year’s academic goals are: 1) excellence in knowledge of the Bible; 2) excellence in math; 3) excellence in science, and outstanding performance on standardized tests in both areas; 4) excellence in writing, public speaking, and the ability to articulate what you think and know.  May these achievements open doors for you, and help you be able to follow God’s calling for your lives.”
     Our school’s patron saint is St. Madeline Sophie Barat, who was homeschooled by her brother.  Because of the unusual education she received from him (receiving the education usually given only to young men seeking priestly ordination), she was able to become who she became: the founder of a world-wide system of schools for young women, comparable to the Jesuit education for boys.  Homeschooling changed her life, and changed the life of so many people (including mine, since I, too, received an education at one of her schools–thanks Mom!).  My prayer is that my homeschool will open up possibilities for service, excellence and love that my young ladies would otherwise never attain.  God, give us grace!