Our Fire!

    While we were away for Thanksgiving, we had a fire in our house!  It was a chimney fire.  6 fire trucks were in front of our house on Thanksgiving afternoon!  The neighbor was kind enough to track us down and contact us in Louisiana, and said that there was smoke billowing out of our windows when the fire dept. opened them.
    Thankfully, they arrived in time, and our house was spared any real damage.  What a thing to be “thankful” for on Thanksgiving weekend!
    The only problem is the smell: the whole house smells like a garment reeking of campfire odor that you want to throw in the wash.  So we have been cleaning every flat surface of the house with Odoban, and steam cleaning all the carpets.  No small job!

Thank you, Lord, that our house is still standing!!  Praise be to God.