Our Crazy Trip!

     Day 1: All 7 of us fly to NYC.  Papa Harville and Granny take the 5 kids to their house.  Ron and I fly to D.C. for Ron’s theology conference.
     Day 2: Ron is at the conference, and I have a day at the National Gallery–heaven!
     Day 3: Ron and I fly drive to NYC in a rental car and meet the family.
     Day 4: After a brunch on Riverside with Leah and Hunter, the 7 of us go the Kennedy airport and board a plane to Rome.
     Day 5: We arrive in Rome!  We eat lunch at Sor Campana in Gandolfo and see the Hattlies and Scott Crider.
     Day 6: We spend the day in Rome: we go to Mass right under the window of the Holy Spirit in St. Peter’s basilica; the family buys me a pair of shoes for my birthday. 🙂
    Day 7: We go into Rome again with Scott.  Ron and Scott prepare their walking tour, while the kids and I trek to the Trevi fountain,  the Pantheon, the KLK store where I buy a scarf, Sopra Minerva where we see the tombs of Fra Angelico and St. Catherine of Siena as well as the Michelangelo statue of Christ, the Gesu, the church of St. Ignatius, and the Spanish Steps.  That night we have a forno party with the president, the Reedy’s, the Osbornes, the Hattlies, and so forth.
    Day 8: We all go to Nemi, where Scott, Ron, Jake and Clare trek to the temple of Diana, while Annie, Leigh, Mary and I shop at the lavender store and eat strawberry tarts and drink peppermint tea.   That night we go to Buci’s with the Ripon folks.
    Day 9: We have a quiet day at the campus and I decide to go with a Catholic publisher instead of going main stream, as well as deciding to try to teach a class at UD next spring.   Our family eats Chinese food in Albano–very intriguing!
    Day 10: The students arrive and the program begins!