One of those almost perfect days

 Today is one of those almost-perfect days. . . Annie and Sebastian are snuggled under the covers watching The Sound of Music while Clare is straightening her hair. . . She has posted a video on TicToc and it is going viral, and her sisters are shouting from their bedrooms the number of views as it increases. Here is the video:

Meanwhile, I am having Zoom meetings with the Mighty Is Her Call team about future plans for events, e-Books and products. We have just put out a Rosary Guide for Mothers online, and I am positively in love with it! Here it is:

Ron has just finished a 3-day water fast (yikes! How does he do it?!) and maintains his kind, humble demeanor through it all. He is working hard teaching online and looking forward to returning to in-person teaching next week. 

While we’ve faced all sorts of upheavals, challenges and disappointments in the past 6 months, and have done our fair share of getting upset, grappling with fear and anxiety, it is nice every once in a while to take stock and realize that its all going to be okay