“On The Table Under The TV”

   After  looking for ten minutes for the remote, and eventually finding it on the kitchen counter (??!!!?!!), I had to tell the kids, “Can we PLEASE institute a rule by which everyone places the remote on the table under the TV, when finished using it?”
    Mary giggled and said, “Ooops. that was my fault!”
    It is simply phenomenal what it is like, looking around the house, searching for a needle in a haystack, walking past Ron tickling Sebastian and making him laugh, and past Annie squeaking her new toy that is actually a dog toy but one that she really, really wanted from the pet isle in the grocery store, so we got it for her, and past Clare swinging upside down on our pull-up bar (how many families have a 2-person-pull-up bar that they made out of plumbers’  pipe and hung themselves in their den??), and past Leigh playing with her new dollbed that we FINALLY assembled for her, a month after Christmas, and past Jake and Mary, watching “Leave it to Beaver” on an iPad.
    Wow.  Wow.  Wow.
    I needed the remote so that I could play my exercise video.  Rather than a work out, I think I needed a nap!