Some people are obsessed with money.  All their decisions seem to revolve around it.  Loved ones need to take a back seat and receive what is left after the person has given the lion’s share of their efforts to financial gains.
    Some people are obsessed with the actualization of their talents.  Loved ones, again, must get comfortable in their back seat position.
    Some people are obsessed with the contribution to society that they are trying to make–yes, there is a gift to others, but there is also an ego component to this lifestyle.  The gift they are able to give reflects back who they are, and many such people define themselves by this outward expression.  How sad, that someone would be held hostage to what this outward expression looks like.  If it is not as big as they have dreamt, somehow, their self-worth is diminished.  Being obsessed with one’s contribution to society is a risky business.
    As for me, I hope that when I die, people will say that I was obsessed with love.  Or maybe with generosity, or humility, or compassion.  I am not sure whether I am yet, or how to get that way, but that is my hope.  That is my life’s goal.