NYC at Christmas

    NYC at Christmastime is so beautiful!  There are musicians on every street corner playing carols; there are lights, trees and decorations in every store front.  You can feel the spirit of hope among the people.
     On the subway yesterday, a group of loud young people got on our car.  They invited the whole car to sing happy birthday to Johnny, which we all did.  But they were pushing it; they were being obnoxious.  Then one of them used a racial slur.  An African American woman next to me protested: “With all due respect, please watch your language.”  He resisted, but then apologized.  The group got off the subway car at the next stop.  A moment later, Ron and I were talking and laughing with this beautiful woman, and had a cheery exchange.
     New Yorkers are just such resilient people.  They are so full of life.  They are especially spirited, it seems, as we approach the great feast day celebrating humanity, as it was elevated to a new status when the divine became human.  God has made us indeed of infinite worth.  We celebrate Christ, the one who loves us and gives us this dignity.