Now that’s. . . motherhood!

   The kids and I were in Walmart yesterday.  Leigh was being as sweet as she could be, all dressed up in a church dress (Ash Wednesday).  Suddenly, she sneezed.  She cries, “UH OH!!!”  She has snot dripping out of her nose six inches long.  It was disgusting!  “Kleenex, kleenex!”  she begged.  None of us had any.  So what did I do?  What any mother would do.  I gave her my shirt tail.  She looked so apologetic as she blew her nose into my shirt.  It was so gross!  But what can you do?  It is just what has to be done–and in a way, what gets to be done.
    In Lent, we are celebrating Christ’s death for our sake.  Motherhood is a lifestyle, conformed to this death, to this gift-giving cross.  We give ourselves for others.  We die to ourselves, our wishes and our comforts, our preferences and our self-control, as a gift to someone else.  The challenges of motherhood can look very different from Calvary, but are actually very much the same in spirit.  Hence they are a powerful opportunity–as Christ’s was–to pray, give, love, and make a difference in this world.