My Sweet Mom

Isn’t she the best??!!!  
     Mom came over for Clare’s party, and has come over many times in the past few weeks.  I’m so blessed! 
     Some of my favorite things about my Mom: 
1) She is such a fierce advocate of her family
2) She love me and my family and my siblings SO MUCH
3) She works tirelessly to help hurting people and alleviate their suffering
4) She is good at laughing at herself and staying humble
5) She has a great sense of humor
6) She keeps track of my kids’ lives and stays in touch with them
7) She called my kids on their first day of school to see how it went
8) She wants to help each of her children live out their vocations, and she tries to help them however she can
9) She is so prayerful and has petitioned for many miracles that have come true
10) She has a great smile–as you can see! 
Love you, Mom!!