my pain is my power–2

     Following up on the last post:
     I am not into martyrdom.  I know that this pain must and will be relieved eventually!  I will work like crazy to resolve the cause of it, and do my part to alleviate it!  But it is simply there for the time being.  So instead of panicking, reacting, or going into self-pity or anger or rejection, I am doing what I can to say “Yes” until it is rightly removed, and let it do some holy work during this time!
     In the past few years, I was helped a lot by trust and hope.  They were like vessels that I could put my pain in.  They carried it well and lightened the load.
    My new addition to trust and hope is SELF-CONTROL.  I love it.  It keeps me from being reactive, snappy, sharp-tongued or harsh.  It allows gentleness to flood my heart when I am frustrated.
    These “virtues” are like a Pix.  A Pix is the gold case that the host is carried in by Eucharistic ministers when they visit the sick.
    I ask these virtues to carry my pain until it is God’s timing for my problems to get resolved.  They are temporary: a Pix is not a permanent vessel, but is intended for traveling time.  So are these virtues.  We are not made to suffer forever.  I want to be joyful and happy and free.  But in times of approaching that destination, it is a comfort and a help to have holy vessels in which to carry my pain, and help make the arrival more likely!