My Girl’s Growing Up!

     For Leigh’s tenth birthday, she asked for “layers.”  
     What???!  This little girl??  She is so little, so precious, so young!  How could she be on the brink of being a pre-teen?  Just yesterday, she colored non-stop in coloring books and prayed our family’s evening prayers with her high-pitched, squeaky voice.  I can hear it like it was yesterday.  
     Now she is growing up.  She knows all the words to some of her older sisters’ pop music and she wears more fashionable clothes when she gets the chance.  She wanted a blue backpack this year instead of a pink one with a Disney character on it.  I get it.  She is getting older.  Well, okay.  Lucky pre-teens.  The get a fantastic, virtuous, compassionate, wise person to call their own.  One day, she will be a wonderful adult, brimming with humor and radiating joy.  I think she will be an artist.  She longs to do stained-glass work, which, as cunning and as talented as she is, I bet she will find a way to do.  So, adults will one day get a wonderful member of their set, a fantastic one to call their own.  
    But she will always be five years old to me, and I will always hold her dear, priceless heart in the deepest recesses of my own.