My favorite towns in Italy–What a day!!!!

   My two favorite towns in Italy are Gandofo and Nemi.  Gandolfo is a quaint, hillside village that overlooks a beautiful lake.  I gave a sight lecture on the address Saint Pope John Paul II gave on Marriage and the Family here in Gandolfo.  It was fun doing metaphysics with the students right there on the cobblestones.
     Here is Sebastian in the Church, San Tommaso, in the town square.

Here is Sebastian on Leigh’s shoulders.

Then we went to Nemi.  It is the strawberry capital of Italy!  I love this place!!!  Here is Ron giving a sight lecture on how we are standing on the rim of a volcano and about the ancient temple of Diana that still has flowers and fruits placed on it occasionally–modern day net-paganism?  Then Professor Marchetti gave a great talk on Virgil and Dante, both of whom reference this place–Alba Longa.  It is amazing to be where the Aeneid begins!

Here are students of our UD Summer Program, plus Professor Marchetti.

Here are our kids, eating strawberry tarts, a local delicacy!!

Sebastian with his lollipop. 

My handsome husband!