Mothers in Rome Pilgrimage

One high point for me right now is that I am creating a pilgrimage for Catholic mothers in Italy. It will be for 4 days, with the first day being a “Mary Day.” The first site is the oldest site to honor Mary, from the 1st century. It is in the Roman Forum. Then we will go to her first basilica, Santa Maria Maggiore. That will be followed by other Marian sites in Rome. The second day, we will see sites for other mother saints including St. Monica and St. Rita. The third day we will travel to Siena or Milan and the fourth to Florence or Assisi–still a work in progress. Seeing Italy through the lenses of mothers and the important contribution they make, and they ways that Italy testifies to the importance of the maternal vocation, is a goldmine yet to be tapped.

According to current planning, the trip will cost $800 plus airfare. The $800 will be discounted for those who give to Mighty Is Her Call on the level of what we call a Mary’s Mom, which is $5,000. And yet all are welcome, and all proceeds go to the ministry, which aims to better communicate to the Church and world the Christ-like nature of the vocation of motherhood. A daily self-emptying out of love for others–that is the pattern of Christ (Phil. 2:16).

I hope and pray the first trip can come together for this summer. Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested!