Mothers’ Day

     Mothers have an exquisite vocation.  It is unique in its imitation of Christ.  More than priests or monks or nuns or dads, mothers are like Christ: they shed their blood for their children, like Christ on the cross; they give their bodies up for their children, like Christ at the Last Supper; they nourish their children with their bodies, as Christ proclaims in John Chapter 6.  Mothers are like Jesus in these and other remarkable ways.  Neither dads nor priests nor religious do these things.
     These are ways that God has elevated motherhood.  We would do well to take note: God has a special love for mothers.  He has endowed us with an incredible power.  As Christ transformed the world in a mighty way, so too, unified with Him, can we.
     We have seen women step into their power through economic and political power over the past six decades.
      Now it is time for women to take up their power through motherhood.  We mothers are raising the next generation.  The future of humanity passes by way of us.  We can remold humanity.  Let us see our power, and wield it with godly might and a zealous love for Christ.