Maximizing Their Intelligence

    My oldest child got the best homeschool experience with me.  Then he went on to an excellent private school, and is thriving there.  He had close to a 4.0, and now is struggling a bit lower than that. . . only because every ounce of his brain power is being used and stretched.
   My next two children got good homeschool experiences, and are now in a school that is good for their spiritual, personal, as well as intellectual development.
   But the next two children are under-challenged.  They have very high intellectual capacity, and yet I do not think that capacity is being maximized.
   So, this weekend, I told them: “In addition to school, we are going to do some homeschooling.  I am going to teach you both to write.  You are going to be excellent writers.”
   We are having so much fun already.  I gave both of them a stack of books.  We are going to do written narrations based on them.  The younger of the two has already written a three page report based on her first book.  I am very excited.
    I am completely determined to maximize each child’s intellectual capacity.  I started strong with the oldest children.  I am going to finish strong.