Mary’s Toe

     Mary broke her toe!  She was rummaging through our mittens basket, packing for our Spring Break trip to New Mexico, when a trailer hitch fell onto her toe and crushed it.  I’ve never heard her cry so loudly.  It was an almost unbearable sound.  In seconds I was holding her.  Ron ran in and I asked his opinion, given the purple-bluish, swollen mass that used to be her toe.  He said: “My opinion is that I take her to the ER right away for x-rays.”  Now THAT’s a sound opinion.
     She wrote in her journal which she read aloud to us (and gave me permission to post here): “Today was a big adventure.  Why?  Because I broke the tip of my toe.  I have to wear a big wooden shoe.  This is the biggest adventure of my life and I am only nine.”