Manuscript is Printing!

    As we speak, my first manuscript is printing on my desk!  It is called Captivated by Family, and is a testimony about how I came to see family life as a significant life calling, and how I came to choose that vocation as my primary life’s work.
     It is written in short, blog post length stories, with different themes interwoven.
     It is 108 pages.
     I am not sure what to do with it!  I am giving it to my mom and a friend today, to see what they think.  
     It is such a good feeling to have gotten it written.  I never planned to write it: I just found it all on the tip of my tongue, and so I wrote it out–I wrote most of it in a 4 day period.
     It makes me think of Isaiah Chapter 1: God placed a burning coal on Isaiah’s tongue, and suddenly, he was able to speak.
     Similarly, I have had so much to say for so long, and could not quite speak the first word.  But in an instant, God opened my lips, and out came a story of praise of how God showed me the path He wanted for me.  It is a delightful experience.