making books

     Yesterday, I decided to trick the blues by reconfiguring the school day–I made the whole day an art project day.  The kids made books.

     It was the right thing to do: Clare and Leigh got to be front and center (unusual on a school day) and their behavior improved dramatically as a result.  Jake and Mary worked on their composition and drawing skills, and so it was great for them.  The baby was sleeping her sickness off–so we all got a little change of pace!
     As they were working on their books, I was hoping to get a chance to work on my composition skills soon!  I have a book/essay in my head, and I have dictated on voice memo.  But I am eager to write it out.  It is personal testimony and philosophical theology all at the same time.  There seems like no chance to work on it–this project is tenth in line, behind a writing project I am already committed to, filling the dirt in my raised beds, cooking, bills, multiple business items, and laundry!  But sometimes, just scrapping the plans and making a book is the thing to do!