lows and highs

  The low point of the past 3 days: throwing my back out and being in constant, horrible pain that over the counter pain killers don’t even touch.
   The high point of the past three days: being able to offer it up for people I love, and being grateful for the pain since, by God’s mercy, the world is hopefully a better place.  It is so strange to think that those prayers would not have existed without the pain!  Pain is fleeting.  Answered prayers are eternal!

    New life mission statement: “You show me the path of life.  In your presence, the fullness of joy, O Lord.”  (Ps. 16:11)   Joy, joy, joy.  Nothing can put a dent in my joy!

   Stay on the particular path God has for you, and He BLESSES you with JOY!!  I LOVE THAT!!!!!