Leigh and the Swiss School

Leigh and the Swiss School

Amazingly, Leigh has so enjoyed learning Italian by going to an Italian school for 2 years that now she has her sights set on starting high school at a German-speaking school! We found the Swiss School of Rome, and discovered that it is bi-lingual, Italian and German. We contacted them and they are interested in Leigh, so we set up a day for her to visit the school. 

Friday was the big day. Leigh and I had been working through a German grammar book every night for weeks but we laughed on the metro on the way to the school–she does not know even basic expressions like “Nice to meet you!” She and I have laughed all the way through this experience because it is all so gutsy and absurd. But it is her real desire! 

On Friday, she lost her sense of humor as she met the administrator in front of the school and he led her into the building. I stood there in awe with butterflies in my stomach. 

At 3:30 I was sitting at a coffee bar ready to pick her up at 4pm. It was raining and I had time to reflect. What an amazing experience we are having here in Italy. What an amazing talent and intellect Leigh has. What an abundance of satisfaction and amazement I have in being her mother and participating in a little but mostly watching the flowering of this young woman.

How did it go, you are wondering? She LOVED it and wants to go there starting in the fall! It will require her to study German intensively all summer, but that is something she is excited about! Go, Leigh!!