Learning to Homeschool–Reinventing the Wheel!

     I am having to learn all over again how to homeschool!  There has been a mushrooming of lessons to teach–there is not enough time in the day!  It is taking some kind of superhuman intelligence to figure out a new schedule!  What I am trying now:

     7:30 exercise and breakfast
     8:30 family prayer and memory work
     8:45 I begin Math with each child in turn;
             –other children do independent work and take turns with Annie as she needs it
            [THIS IS TAKING ME ALL MORNING!!!!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!]
     12 pm Lunch and Laundry; then Mary puts Annie down for a nap.
     1 pm  All Language Arts subjects with Clare and Leigh
     3 pm  Review Co-op work and other subjects with Jacob and Mary

     School is finished around 4 pm, sometimes later!