Suddenly, Mary wanted to take Tae Quon Do classes.  Several years ago, she had achieved her third degree green belt.  But we stopped–she could not see why she was doing it.  In recent months, she has been timid, not being able to recite lines well, not being confident with strangers.  So when she asked for the martial arts classes, I found that noteworthy.  I asked her why, and she recalled her many years of Tae Quon Do, and said she thought that resuming classes would make her feel less afraid.  We talked a long time–she confided in me how fearful she generally is.
    So we looked into classes at a new dojo.  But they also offered Ju-Jitzu.  It is especially suited as self-defense.  She took one trial class and was hooked.  As an onlooker, so was I.
    Now she and I go, three times a week.  I watch her roll around on the floor, learning how to flip huge boys and men.  She is very aggressive.  She is getting her sense of power back.
    I have never been so surprised by a turn of events in motherhood: I did NOT see this coming.
    I have also never been so thrilled about something.  She figured out what she needed, asked for it, and is acquiring a skill that is incredibly strengthening and promotes safety like nothing I would have imagined.