Joyful Motherhood

   I guide a class called “Joyful Motherhood” for new moms at a pregnancy center.  Here are some of the wonderful moms, my friends!

  We focus on brain development: how moms have a huge impact on the brain development of our infants and young children.  We influence whether our children get stuck in a “fight or flight” mode, or whether they can rise to a problem-solving ability.  Anyone in a “fight or flight” state cannot learn: they cannot do math, they cannot learn to read, they cannot think twice and control their tempers.  So, if we as moms do not help them get out of that state, and into a higher state of problem-solving, we impair our children’s whole future.  We moms discuss how to respond calmly and constructively to the situations in which we find ourselves, since modeling is the most powerful form of teaching our children.