I’ve got the joy

  Every morning, Clare (of all people) starts us off with a song on the car ride to school: “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.”  She likes starting the day off with joy.  She says it makes the whole day go well.
    I’ll tell you what I WOULD HAVE PAID 5 years ago for one little song to keep her joyful all day!  She has really, really improved from her miserable, autistic days.  She is radiant.  She is glowing.  She loves school.  She is fitting in.  She is making friends.  She is horrible at some school work, but great at others.  That’s what I call “normal.”  We have a zero stress policy about grades, and that is because these kids already work so hard.  It is leaning in the right direction.
    Two weeks of school–Clare is flourishing.  I am SO GRATEFUL!  It is years and years of work on my part, coming to fruition.  For a child who has autistic tendencies, it is like seeing a healed child.  Oh, I am so grateful!!