i hate ballet

I hate ballet–the pressure for a particular (and very unnatural) body image, the pressure for external image at the great cost of inner development. . . who ever heard of a nice ballerina??!

But as it turns out, Mary has talent.  Her teacher has placed her in the class above the one Mary should be in, and a panel of judges just voted to give Mary a solo in the spring performance.  Mary is truly breathtaking when she moves–it is as though she was born to dance!

So we are plunging in head first, placing her in a school that is not very ambitious but is excellent in terms of technique.  There is no pressure; it has a recreational feel.  But the girls get great coaching from their teacher who is a perfectionist at heart.

Mary is SO HAPPY that I am allowing her to pursue ballet.  She and I had “special time” a few weeks ago, taking a trip to the ballet store in Dallas.

Then we went to Whole Foods and she walked every isle in her new pink long sleeve leotard, tights, and white leg warmers.  She got LOTS of comments.

 She is an amazing person, and I am blessed to be helping bring out the best and find something creative to do with the worst.  But she is a testimony to me: we cannot control our children!  They will always surprise us!  And with Mary, the surprise is a delight! 🙂