Homeschooling: Poured Out for Others

     I’ve had a shocking discovery that reverberates through every day of my decades of motherhood.  The meaning of my life is finding my way of being like Christ, of carrying his image, his life, his spirit in everything I do.  And that way is motherhood.  I am poured out, shared, broken and opened up as a daily offering for my children.
     Right now, I am relishing one of the apexes of making my life a gift for others.  I am setting up my homeschool.  After three years of being away from this lifestyle, we are returning.  Four young ladies and a little man will all be educated in this home by yours truly this year.  How holy it feels, to identify each book, to set up each study space, to pray for each one and what their needs are.  Some need to become articulate, being able to master material and present it well.  Others need to fill in some gaps in spelling, grammar and math.  Still others need to learn to love to read, traditional school having virtually killed their love of literature.  This is one way I can love my children, being a little reflection of Christ to them.  I get to see their needs, pray for them, help them set new goals for themselves, and seek to meet them.  It is a way of dignifying them, and dignifying my relationship with them.
     Being a mother has always been for me a way to make my life a gift for others.  Whether it is holding an infant in my arms, teaching my six-year-old to make pie crust, or picking my teenager up from a homecoming dance late at night, I am giving my time, attention, love, advise, and encouragement to others.  How thrilled I am to get this precious year, making my life a gift in a new way.