Highschool Mania

   The high school situation here continues to boggle my mind. While it is true that we are incredibly fortunate to be at this particular school with a warm and loving community, it is still daily mayhem for our kids.
    One of my high schoolers hardly ever knows when her tests are. Last week she studied for four hours for an Italian grammar test that she was not actually slated to take. This is a normal occurrence for most of the kids.
   Another one had an oral interrogation scheduled on a day that was loaded with other assignments and test. So she approached the teacher to double check that she had to do the interrogation. The teacher had completely forgotten, and they decided to reschedule it. My daughter said to me, “I would have studied for hours tonight on a presentation I did not even have to give!”
    Yet another one says he always gets a 6.5 (out of 10) from a particular teacher. “When I study like crazy and try to break a 7, or even an 8, I still get a 6.5. But on the other hand, when I deserved a 5, I get a 6.5.” This teacher has just pegged him for a 6.5 and that’s that. But it’s passing, so no one’s complaining.
   One great thing is that they are turning the corner with the language. One of them spent the night at a friend’s house and said she understood and participated in the family’s dinner table conversation. Another one said he no longer Google translates his text books but just reads them and prepared for oral interrogations all in Italian. That is just incredible. Quasi-fluent in 6 months!