highlight of the week

     The best thing that has happened to our family in the past week is Ron’s friends’ prayers for his Mom.    As I mentioned last week, his friends offered to pray a novena–a nine-day prayer–for Ron’s Mom (her physical and spiritual needs).  Every day, Steve emails all the guys participating, including Ron, and gives a reminder.  “Today is day four!  Remember to pray!”  Ron tells me about each one, and our family joyfully prays the prayer too in our nightly family prayers.  These prayers are happening at the end of days full of time with Donna and Ronnie; we have had almost every evening meal with them and spend long hours enjoying Donna’s company.  The novena at the end of our day is a perfect fit, and my experience is one of great relief to be trailing behind, joining in the strong effort of others.
     Well the other day, when Ron and I were talking after the kids had gone to sleep, Ron confided in me, more relaxed and happy than I have seen him in a long time.  He said that Steve had emailed, saying: “Remember, today is day seven!  And if you are getting irritated with my emails, then just pray a little harder!”  Far from irritating, Ron has been gifted to the core by this effort.  A little humor is also, apparently, just what the doctor ordered.