In homeschool today, we read about the hibernation of bears.
     Maybe that is why my kids are absent-minded to a ludicrous degree these days–maybe they are in a wintry hibernation brain state.  Broken glass ever day; CHRONIC but innocent disobedience or lack of follow-through; failure to get through any given math problem if it has more than one step; lots of blank stares.  Maybe my homeschool is failing.  Maybe they are going to be ruined for life–if they do not complete the grade they are in well, then that will have a domino effect through their whole lives.  Maybe I should look into other schools.  Maybe they should be punished more.  Maybe I am a horrible mother.  Or maybe they are horrible children.
     All of this was put to rest when I read about the hibernating bears.  “Thank goodness!  An explanation!”
     I suggested this, with great relief, to my kids.
     Mary looked up and said, “But Mom, we’re not bears.”