Here in Rome!

  We are finally here in Rome!  Sebastian, Jacob and I traveled together from Dallas to Rome, and made it in record time with record few catastrophes–just Sebastian throwing a huge fit over the use of the airplane bathroom, only later to be followed by an even bigger fit over the use of the Rome airport bathroom.  But to Sebastian’s credit, he stayed awake the whole next day after the flight, preventing any serious jet lag thereafter.  What a trooper, roaming around campus on three hours of sleep!
   Being here on campus is a dream: the pool and tennis court, the food, the sunset over the vineyard, the wine. . . it is all so heavenly.
   And so I have begun teaching the undergraduates the Philosophy of the Human Person.  In our class, we are asking, “Do human beings have a dignity that sets them apart from other beings?  If so, in what does that dignity lie?  How can we prove it?  Or can it be proven?”