He Thinks I’m Funny

   My chiropractor thinks I’m funny.
   He has been working on me for three years.  I see him regularly.  We are well acquainted.
    Well, last month, I mentioned in passing that I had once thought about becoming a nun.  This BLEW THE MIND of this Dallas-fancy-pants man!  “YOU??  A NUN??”  That explained, I’m sure, all these kids, to his mind.  “I guess she’s a real Catholic,” he must have mused.
    Then today, he asked me about my summer plans.  I mentioned that I would be teaching a philosophy class.  “What??  Teach a philosophy class??”
     I told him I have a Ph.D. in philosophy.
     “You’re so funny!!!  You have so many SECRETS!!”
     I am so bizarre!!!  I know I am.  I really am.