happy blogging

So what is this all about anyway? It’s about me. It’s about my personal discoveries of how I do home (and how I do NOT do home, based on my mistakes!), how I do kids (and how I do NOT do kids), how I do happy marriage (and how I do NOT do marriage), and how I do happy-on-the-inside.  WHAT I CAN’T BELIEVE IS THAT I AM (happy on the inside)!  I am not the author of this happiness–like a child, it has just plopped in my lap.  Clearly, it is not mine for keeps, but rather, something to share.  And so I shall…AS KATHRYN-UNFILTERED.

I have GREAT friends and extended family whom I adore, and who are the ones who prompted me to do this in the first place. It makes me happy to think that my beloved sisters who live so far away–even in Europe–can be closer in a way through this blog. I love to think that my brothers can be a part of my life in a new way.  My parents–well, my parents are probably the only people who will ever read this blog anyway (I love you guys)!