Guardian Angels in the Bathroom

   Sebastian is having typical 5-year-old nightmares. All of our kids went through this phase. Well, one of his nightmares was that our master bathroom was the throat of a monster and if you enter the bathroom, you’ll get swallowed up. So he has refused to go in the bathroom alone for 2 months. We have discussed, explained, cajoled, insisted, yelled, begged, and commanded. To no avail. One of us always winds up standing guard at the bathroom door. Sebastian checks to make sure you are there, but then asks you “not to look.” Obviously! Why would I look? Very complicated, micro-manager he is.
   The other day, Sebastian had stayed up too late the night before and woke up exhausted. I said, “I will let you stay home from school, on one condition: If I put up a picture of a guardian angel in the bathroom, you go to the bathroom by yourself.”
    So we searched online and found great pictures and I printed them out on our very poorly-functioning Italian printer. Even with new cartridges it is pitiful. Anyway, I printed out a discolored and striped reproduction of the first guardian angel picture. Sebastian took it into the bathroom and taped it up. “Another one!” he shouted. I obliged him. Then another. Then another. Soon, from the waist down, the wall was covered with photos of Jesus and guardian angels. Sebastian immediately went to the bathroom by himself. I told him if he asks me to go in there next time, I will take away all the photos. So now he won’t let me near the bathroom when he is in there.
    Poor Ron when he came home from work and saw the bathroom. “What happened!?!?!?!” He assures me that going to the bathroom will never be the same for him again.