Graduations Galore!

    Ron went to graduation at UD.  His semester will be over when he turns in his grades.
    The kids and I completed our school year on Friday, ending with the May Crowning for the Homeschooling Families of the Sacred Heart.
     And Ron bought me a graduation present–we keep talking about the baby’s upcoming birth as my “graduation” from child-bearing.  He got me my gift early!  It was a real mood-mender: a car!
     It was the most lavish, impractical thing he could have done!  Before we were expecting, I had kept joking about how I would like to one day get a small car, like a Mini Cooper or some such car, just for me.  Then we found out our sixth child was on the way–so long, car!
     Well, the pregnancy has been very, very hard, both physically (so tired! so nauseous!) and psychologically (really, really hard to not be able to move forward with some of the things I had been wanting to do outside of child-bearing, rearing and education).  It felt like a real “Sacrifice of Isaac.”  I cried A LOT.
    Then, lo and behold, Ron shows up with a CAR!  It spoke volumes.  I love my husband.  He is so incredibly loving.