Good Friends

     As Ron’s Mom is failing in her health, Ron is struggling in many understandable, human ways.  Yesterday, he received an email from his friends in Louisiana: Steve Phillippi, Cory Hayes, Mark Sanborn, Todd Russell, Chris Baglow, Robert Simpson and Danny Burns.  As a group, they announced that they would be praying collectively for him a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, offering a Mass for him and his Mom, and that they desired to help him in any way, to come to Dallas to help or to open their doors to Ron or any of us in his family.
     They said in this joint email that Ron has hopped in his car and driven to see them for all sorts of occasions, and that they desired to repay the kindness in whatever way that would be meaningful (not that none of them has never “hopped” in their cars and come to see us!).
     It is downright touching to see this group of men pull together, become their best selves (they are all GREAT selves all the time anyway, in our opinion!) and offer literally everything they have to give.  Self-donation is a touching thing.  Friendship, equally so.