Goat and Rooster

Ron, Annie, Sebastian and I ventured into the villages on the backside of the mountain on Naxos.  We found fishing villages and little clusters of goat herders and shepherds.  At sunset, we sat at a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and ordered.  What were we going to eat?  We might as well eat local.  So, we got roasted rooster, grilled sheep sausage, and chunks of goat meat.  We got a huge platter of local goat and sheep cheese with local, Naxos honey drizzled all over it.  We ordered zucchini balls with tzaziki sauce that was perhaps the best tasting food I have ever had–I could eat that every day.  We drank red wine from Macedonia–the only” imported” item on the table.  It was absolutely to die for.  Everything was so flavorful, so delicious, so outrageously wonderful.