Gentle Giants

     Ron went to Houston this weekend to be with his Mom in the hospital.  Our kids were terribly disappointed to not be able to go see their grandparents and great grandparents near Houston.  So even though I was solo, I arranged for play dates on Fri. evening and all day Saturday (after soccer games, that is).
     On Sat. afternoon, there were eight children here, plus Annie.  These children were a sight to behold: two boys Jake’s age rough housed and romped around with Jake.  Yet they were so thoughtful and kind–it was like having gentle giants tumbling in our rec room.  Five girls played without one tear, one complaint–everyone cooperated, used kind voices, shared and took turns.  Mary knew not to overtake Clare’s time with Clare’s friend (a miracle in itself!), and occasionally played with the boys.  It was truly, truly like watching eight little angels frolic about the house.
     And then there was ANNIE!  Tougher on me than all 8 older children combined! 🙂