Fr. Apostoli and Me!

     Here I am with Fr. Apostoli, CFR!  What an inspiration. 

     I have written a book, almost despite myself.  It just came out while I was on silent retreat.  I did not go, expecting to write a single word that I did write–it took me by surprise. 
     Ron found a Catholic Writers’ Convention and I reluctantly went.  I simply hate the idea of self-promotion. 
    But at the first talk I attended, led by Fr. Andrew, this inspired monk talked about our responsibility to present what we have to say, responding to John Paul II and Benedict XVI’s call for a New Evangelism.  The whole three days of the conference were loaded with guidance and formation: how to avoid hubris and ego, while promoting the message God has given us. 
    That was a new message for me to wrap my head around, and it seems like the message God wanted me to receive.  I feel at peace about it in a way I never have!