Flying with a 100 lb. Dog to Rome

Ron and the 4 girls flew to Rome.  They almost missed the flight because, among other things, the airlines almost refused to accept our dog.  But we had 1) gotten a ticket for him; 2) gotten 7 pages of required paperwork stamped by the Italian consulate; 3) gotten a crate that could have fit Clifford, the Big Red Dog, and 4) spent hours on the phone with the airlines working out every detail.
    Still, when the time came, they refused the dog.  After hours of haggling at the DFW airport, they finally took the dog and the family boarded the flight.
    Once in Rome, the family got their bags, and went to retrieve the dog.  For two hours they went from counter to counter, asking everyone they could find where animals who have flown are.  No one knew.
   Finally,  a guy said, “Check the lost and found.”
   Ron replied, “The dogs not lost!”
   The man insisted: “Go to the lost and found.”
   Reluctantly, Ron and the girls went to the lost and found.  Ron asked for his dog.  The guy at the lost and found shouted with incredulity: “YOU LOST YOUR DOOOOOOG?????”
    Four and a half hours later, they found the dog, and finally left the airport.