fish fry

     Ron and I hosted our first Lenten fish fry yesterday.  We invited 5 other families.  That means that our house held: 6 adults, 30 kids.  While that was not the first time we have hosted multiple families, the parents kept thanking us for our bravery in having all these people over.
     Ron fried fish using the commercial grade equipment his dad used when his dad helped with fish fries at his church in Alvin.  Ron fried 50 fillets of fish last night, and as a group, we went right through all the corn, broccoli (my contribution) :), cole slaw, dips and other sides, not to mention a whole table of desserts, that everyone brought.  Beer, wine and strawberry margaritas–it is policy not to count those, so I don’t even know how much of that was consumed!  
     Are we brave?  When you go to the commercial level, 6 families is a piece of cake!