First Day of First Grade

First Day of First Grade

 Today was Sebastian’s first day of first grade, and said it was the best day of his life! He got to see his old friends from last year, especially his best friend Paulo, and I think it was exciting for him to be at his own desk and have actual class. Soon this afternoon we’re off to the first day back to soccer. 

  It was Annie’s first day back and she is now the oldest grade in the primary school. She is hot stuff. The even bigger news, however, is that last year, there were only five girls in the class–two sets of best friends. . . and then there was Annie. I marveled all year at how we she handled a nightmare situation for any new girl and foreigner. But this year, there is a SIXTH GIRL! Natalia. Praise be to God. I hope and pray that they become fast friends. Annie has the same teacher as last year, who loves Annie and helps her with Italian. All in all I think she is well-situated. 

  Then there are the Villa Sora women–Mary on her first day of senior year! I’m practically in tears thinking about her being gone to college in the blink of an eye! She looked prettier than I’ve ever seen her today although she was dressed casually and probably put no effort into it at all. I just stared and thought, “How did she become such an extraordinary woman in every way?” She has virtue, character, honor, dignity, a great sense of humor, a genuine faith and a sincere love for her family and friends. Did I mention she is brilliant? Okay, so I love my daughter. 

   Then Clare blew the socks off everyone today. Her teacher had everyone go around the room and introduce themselves and say something they like about the school. Clare introduced herself and explained why she likes the study of the brain, human behavior and social sciences. Her teacher was shocked and said she spoke perfectly in Italian and was amazed at Clare’s super-smart comments. Off to a good start, I’d say! 

   Leigh scurried down to the front of our driveway to get picked up by a friend so they could walk into the first day of school together. She has wonderful friends and recently mentioned that she does not miss the US at all (although she loves her friends and family back home) and is incredibly happy here. She told me all about her new teachers and the orientation lectures. I said, “Did you understand what they were saying?” She replied, “Oh sure.” This time last year she could not decline a noun or conjugate a verb in Italian correctly! I.CANT.BELIEVE.IT. 

  They say that the first year of moving to a new country is horrible. The second year is much better. The third year is outstanding and you can speak like a native. I am so grateful that we have the first year behind us. Hello, year 2!